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Electrostatics-10 Important basic MCQs (Quiz) Part 2

1.ABC is a right angled triangle in which AB= 3 cm  and BC = 4cm  . And \angle ABC\;=\frac{\mathrm\pi}2 . The three charges +15, +12    and  -20 e.s.u. are placed respectively on  A, B  and C . The force acting on B is 

(A) 125 dyne

(B) 35 dynes

 (C) 25 dynes

(D) Zero

2.Electric charges of 1\mu C, -1\mu C and 2\mu C  are placed in air at the corners A, B and C respectively of an equilateral triangle ABC having length of each side 10 cm. The resultant force on the charge at C is

(A) 0.9 N                       

(B) 1.8 N

(C) 2.7 N                       

(D) 3.6 N

3. Two charges placed in air repel each other by a force of 10^{-4} N . When oil is introduced between the charges, the force becomes 2.5\;\times\;10^{-5}\;N.The dielectric constant of oil is

(A) 2.5                         

B) 0.25

(C) 2.0                           

(D) 4.0

4. Two spherical conductors B and C having equal radii and carrying equal charges in them repel each other with a force F when kept apart at some distance. A third spherical conductor having same radius as that of B but uncharged is brought in contact with B, then brought in contact with C and finally removed away from both. The new force of repulsion between B and C is

 (A) F/4                         

(B) 3F/4

(C) F/8                

(D) 3F/8

5. The charges on two sphere are +7µC and –5µC They experience a force F. If each of them is given and additional charge of – 2µC, the new force of attraction will be

 (A) F                             

(B) F / 2

(C)  \frac F{\sqrt3}                 

(D) 2F

6. Electric lines of force about negative point charge are

(A) Circular, anticlockwise  

(B) Circular, clockwise

(C) Radial, inward

(D) Radial, outward

7. A charge q is placed at the centre of the line joining two equal charges  Q. The system of the three charges will be equilibrium, if  is equal to

(A) -\frac Q2                          

(B)-\frac Q4    

(C) +\frac Q4                             

(D) +\frac Q2    

8. ABC is an equilateral triangle. Charges +q are placed at each corner. The electric intensity at O will be

Electrostatics-10 Important basic MCQs (Quiz) Part 2

 (A)\frac1{4\mathrm\pi\;\in_{\mathrm o}}\frac q{r^2}

(B)\frac1{4\mathrm\pi\;\in_{\mathrm o}}\frac{3q}{r^2}

(C) Zero

(D)\frac1{4\mathrm\pi\;\in_{\mathrm o}}\frac qr

9. The electric field inside a spherical shell of uniform surface charge density is

(A) Zero

(B) Constant, less than zero

(C) Directly proportional to the distance from the centre

 (D) None of the above

10.When a body is earth connected, electrons from the earth flow into the body. This means the body is…..

 (A) Unchanged

(B) Charged positively

(C) Charged negatively  

(D) An insulator

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